Cloud ERP

With a cloud-based ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can access your financial and logistics system from anywhere, your desk, your home, or wherever you are – and from any device, whether a PC, laptop, tablet, phone, with a compatible browser – so you can get your work done from wherever you or your staff happen to be.

A cloud-based system lessens the requirement for IT infrastructure and maintenance. Also, the release cycle for cloud-based ERP is generally continuous with regular automatic upgrades, lessening or eliminating the requirement for upgrade stoppages and the problems with out-of-date versions.

On-premises ERP

Some businesses due to operational requirements, infrastructure availability or corporate policy require that their ERP and Finance systems remain hosted in-house or on-the-premises. Cloud-base ERP’s like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can in some instances be hosted on your cloud using your IT infrastructure. And the option remains for using traditional client-server based applications using in-house/on-premises infrastructure – such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The reverse also applies. Some traditional ERP and Finance applications can be hosted in the public cloud – including on Microsoft Azure.

ERP for Food

ERP for Food has specific and exacting requirements. The Food Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft NAV by To-Increase provides quality control verification and batch/lot tracing, delivery trip planning and more specific food-related needs like strict control of expiry dates, and catch-weight processing – eg, a nominal 20 kg pack of meat will be sold and priced at its actual weight.

Food Distribution

Food distributors include those distributing packaged and manufactured goods, and distributors of produce or fresh fruit and vegetables. To provide the best possible customer service with the most efficient use of resources and equipment, a food distribution business may require extended batch/lot tracing, delivery trip planning and detailed distribution planning that considers customer requirements and preferences, rebate and deduction management, and enhanced pricing. These needs are addressed by the Food Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft Nav by To-Increase.

Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturers have particular needs also that are addressed by the Food Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft NAV by To-Increase - like access to recipes and ingredients, packaging bills-of-material, forward-and-backward lot-tracing, enhanced pricing, allergen management, production batch-size and equipment planning, and co-products and by-products.

Access recipes and ingredients, packaging bills-of-material, forward-and-backward lot-tracing, enhanced pricing and more.

ERP for Manufacturing

The fundamental components of manufacturing software like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Microsoft Nav are a Bill-of-Materials (the items or components – including services and overheads that make up a finished product), the ability to schedule production based on expected demand or on standard stock levels, and the ability to use multiple stages in the process, via routing, work centres and/or intermediate products – while simultaneously managing and integrating with customers, items and vendors. Manufacturing requires accurate recording of consumption (of raw materials) and output (of finished goods), and usually, the availability and application of resources for production, both people and equipment.

Assembly as a term is a simpler form of production not requiring transformative processes such as heat, blending, cutting etc. Assembly operations may be reversible back to their components.

ERP for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers and Project-based Manufacturers

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing as a process combines Manufacturing with Project Management & Costing. Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM) for Business Central and Nav by To-Increase is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The solution has been designed with Project-Based Manufacturing in mind as the preferred method for the To-Order type industry. The IEM functionality covers the end-to-end business process, from Engineering through Sales, Planning and Operations, to Service.

IEM adds additional WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements to jobs, and Change Orders to record additional work on the project. With IEM you can create Purchase, Production and Assembly orders from the Planning line, or run Material Requirement Planning for a Job Task from this planning line. For Production and Assembly BOM’s, job-specific versions can be created. The components can be procured through Order Planning or the (MRP) Planning Calculation.


Payroll is a demanding process – requiring a high degree of accuracy and integrity. With Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central by Liveware, you can process payrolls from an all-in-one Dynamics 365 Business Central solution that integrates core Business Central functions with comprehensive payroll functionality:

Key points:

  • Multiple employee bank accounts
  • Multiple pay cycles (i.e. weekly, fortnightly etc.)
  • Timesheet entry for job costing and payroll processing
  • Entitlements and Allowances
  • Deductions and Garnishees
  • Payroll Tax
  • Termination Pays
  • Reversals and Back pays
  • EFT Lodgements based on Australian formats
  • Emailing of Pay slips
  • SuperStream compatibility
  • Single Touch Payroll compatible
  • Employee self service capability
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards via Jet Reports and Power BI

Finance and ERP for Mac OS and IOS


Many businesses and organisations use Apple Macintoshes and Apple devices like iPads and iPhones - for their ease-of-use and ergonomics, their attraction as a plug-and-play computer, or their use in certain industries, like design, science and education. Some perceive that finance software for a Mac is limited to bookkeeping, entry-level and personal finance software. If your business or organisation uses Apple Macintoshes either as its core computing component – or has a mixed network of Macs and Windows PC’s – then with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, all your users can have access to business-grade Finance and ERP systems in the Cloud - using Safari, Firefox, Chrome or your preferred browser on your Mac (or Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or other preference on a Microsoft Windows PC) – or from your Apple iPad, iPhone (or Android) device.

Data and Analytics


Jet Reports

With Jet Reports by Insight Software, you can run your Financial and functional Reports, using real-time Microsoft Dynamics data directly in Excel.

Jet Reports produces financial and operational reports - inside Excel – reports like a Consolidated P&L or an Accounts Payable Aged Trial Balance across multiple companies. Jet Reports will quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, right inside Excel. Just the real-time data you need, directly from your Microsoft Dynamics database, exactly the way you want it.

Using Jet Analytics, data becomes insight - with dashboards and reports designed to help you quickly identify trends and opportunities, spot anomalies, and fix problems. Through pre-built cubes and a data warehouse, you can eliminate the need to understand the underlying data structure and gain rapid time-to-value. Jet Analytics is designed for business users to easily build reports and dashboards inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI. While accessing your dashboards on the web or from a mobile device, you can view and act on your data - from anywhere.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service available in a desktop version and a Pro (paid) version that interacts with Business Central, GP, Nav and other ERP systems. Power BI brings together data from many sources – Business Central, GP, and elsewhere - to create interactive dashboards and reports that provide insights and help drive your business.

Getting insights into your Business Central data is easy with the Business Central apps for Power BI. Power BI retrieves your data and then builds an out of-the-box dashboard and reports based on that data. You can access Power BI at any time from your various devices and drill down into your data for more detail – Sales, Inventory, Purchasing or Financial.

Management Reporter and FRx

Microsoft FRX is a financial reporting and analysis software package that works automatically with the legacy products in the Microsoft ERP software range and some other financial applications as well. FRx can consolidate financial data for multiple companies, provide foreign currency conversions, and present information for multiple departments, locations, companies, cost centres and budgets – side by side. FRx reports are designed with re-usable building blocks - Rows, Columns and Trees. These building blocks can be re-used in new reports or in variations of existing reports.

Although Microsoft superseded FRx with its next-generation financial reporting solution Microsoft Management Reporter, many businesses still use FRx as their reporting solution today. Seqola continues to provide training, design and support assistance for FRx.

Microsoft Management Reporter is a financial reporting solution for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Financial systems. Management Reporter is the replacement product for FRx for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions including Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), GP (Great Plains) and SL (Solomon). For Microsoft FRx users, Microsoft Management Reporter works in a similar fashion to FRx’s use of Rows, Columns and Trees. Microsoft Management Reporter can import many of the reports and report-building blocks that companies already using Microsoft FRx have designed. However, Management Reporter does have significant differences to Microsoft FRx - in product functionality, architecture and deployment model. Management Reporter also adds new features such as Undo, Report Groups (to facilitate the generation of multiple reports), graphic elements like logos, and improved font and number formatting. As well as its interface and usability features, Management Reporter benefits from its close integration with Microsoft SQL Server and its support for 64-bit operating systems.

Microsoft Management Reporter is designed around a consistent Windows interface, with a theme, navigation pane and toolbars familiar to Windows users. Management Reporter is designed to help users create financial reports that can be tailored to meet the needs of any company. The report wizard makes it easy for users to design, store, and generate reports from reusable building blocks containing row, column, and tree definitions.

Seqola provides training, design and support assistance for both FRx and Management Reporter.