Case Studies

Metal Fabrication Inventory and Reporting

A metal fabrication business needed to improve their oversight of exactly where their inventory was. Using Crystal Reports, Seqola provided them with an always-current view of exactly what their stock position was, by stock item – for each of their different locations, including stock movements (transfers, sales and purchases) and the opening and closing balance – for any current or historical period.


With improved inventory visibility, the business could immediately see stock shortages and arrange either re-order or re-supply from another location.

Migration from a Legacy System

Our client was using a pre-GST version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) on a Btrieve database no longer supported by Microsoft. Seqola migrated their accounting database including over ten years of history intact from Btrieve to Microsoft SQL Server, and upgraded their GP edition to a supported version. As well, their extensive Customisations were migrated at the same time.


The business is now on a supported GP version, with a scalable SQL database that can now be accessed for reports and enquiries, as well as interfacing with third-party systems.

Processing of No-Charge Samples

A distributor and importer needed to supply no-charge samples to their customers – and process the samples through their GP (Great Plains) inventory system, as well as generating documentation for shipping and customer tracking. Seqola customised GP’s Order Entry system to bill these as no-charge transactions, using both the configuration options in GP and some additional modifications using VBA.


Samples orders can be tracked and processed through their GP system without needing to learn new processes. Inventory and customer records are up-to-date, and the cost of samples is correctly expensed

Healthcare Supplier’s Inventory

When a healthcare products supplier needed to analyse the age of their inventory, they needed more than just the stock turnover ratio. On an accounting basis, they needed to know just how old their inventory was – and had they paid a fair price at the time of purchase of the business. We developed a customised Crystal Report to summarise – by aging category – the true age and the aged value of their entire inventory. As well as providing a basis for its true value, this greatly improved their oversight of slow-moving or obsolete items.


The company could readily see whether their inventory was over-valued or obsolete, and take corrective action – like discounting it, re-packaging the stock, or disposing of it.

Third-Party Logistics for a Hospital Supplier

A hospital supplier needed a customised interface for their Dynamics system to work with a third-party logistics provider for warehousing and shipping. Seqola developed a document exchange process for them to send invoices and picking slips electronically to the logistics provider, who stores and then ships and invoices on their behalf.


Inventory and sales order processes have become faster and more accurate. In conjunction with the third-party logistics processes, this has enabled warehousing costs to be reduced, and invoices to be supplied immediately to customers.

EDI Interface for a Wholesaler and Importer

The company needed to supply electronic invoices via their customer’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system. At the same time, their Dynamics system needed to import incoming orders from the customer’s system. Seqola created a customised system to apply various business rules to the incoming orders regarding the handling of out-of-stock and non-stock items, import these orders into Dynamics, and arrange for invoices to be sent electronically to the customer once the order had been processed.


Order handling is faster and more accurate. Electronic invoicing and the EDI interface mean that the invoice is in the customer’s system the same day it is created in Dynamics, much reducing accounting delays and inaccuracies.

Enhanced Accounting and Inventory Reports for a Hospital

The hospital needed to comply with audit requirements that items dispensed from their pharmacy be tracked as Accounts Receivable and reconciled with their Oracle Financials system. Seqola created new Crystal Reports and modified some existing reports to provide Accounts Receivable and inventory usage information.


The hospital’s finance team can now accurately balance their Oracle-based pharmacy sub-system with their Oracle Financials ERP. They also have a better overview of pharmacy and drug inventory usage and dispensing transactions