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Food Production & Distribution

Food Production & Distribution by To-Increase (Columbus Food) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Nav-Navision)

Food makers and distributors that have grown successfully have used the Dynamics Business Central/Navision and To-Increase/Columbus Food Manufacturing and Distribution solution as part of their success.

As their commercial production environments have evolved, profitable food manufacturers have looked to quality solutions like To-Increase to take their growth forward.

Key features such as batch sizing, lot traceability, production scheduling, distribution and order processing allow you to focus on your business while meeting customer needs, across many food-related industries.

To-Increase for Dairy Production and Distribution focuses on superior quality control, efficient planning and scheduling, accurate inventory management and regulatory compliance while allowing you to easily introduce new products and improve lot traceability for pickups, freight suppliers, receiving and storage.

For Baked-goods manufacturers, integration of all aspects of inventory, production, quality control, purchasing and accounting has allowed them to produce more without running out of product and packaging. It tells them when to reorder, and when to ship, so they are no longer constantly out of stock of required ingredients and supplies.

TI Production and Distribution can also be used for a wide variety of producers and distributors, such as pharmaceuticals, vitamins, beverages, meat packers, and even non-food formula-based makers like paint manufacturers.

With Production and Distribution, you can:

Track raw material receipts, both forwards and backwards. 

Maintain regulatory compliance and risk mitigation associated with product recalls 


Support multiple outputs from a production process. For example, a single run may produce cheese, protein powder, cream (a co-product) and whey (a by-product). 

Enhanced Pricing 

Give the user unlimited flexibility in determining cost values before calculating sale prices, including external values such as commodity market price. 

Lot Tracking 

From raw material receipts to sales of Lot Freshness, forward and backward tracking allows for the calculation of days-to-fresh, best-if-used-by or sell-by date. 

Quality Control

Testing and reporting that allows you to use quality control data to facilitate the best possible decision making and production planning.


Automatically track products with an age-based formula (for example, from Mild to Medium), like cheese, manufactured meats, vinegars and preserved vegetables.

Catch Weights/Dual Unit of Measure 

Allow for the actual weight of a product rather than an estimate and capture two units of measure simultaneously with each transaction, like for meat and fish packaging and cheese.

Supply Driven Planning

Allow for planning production based on raw materials that enter the inventory regardless of existing demand conditions.


Flexibility and ease when creating labels, including the ability to print labels as items move around the production floor.

For a packaged food maker, their integrated ERP system has evolved with the fast-growing company, helping them operate efficiently and profitably while providing outstanding customer service, fulfilling exacting quality standards, and expanding into multiple retail channels.

As a growing business, you know when you need to make changes to handle your anticipated growth and maintain your high levels of customer service. Without a proper integrated financial system and production system, you have no inventory control, no item tracking and no quality control. Nav/BC and To-Increase lets you see a full view of inventory, product lead time and customer data. 

Once you’ve implemented Business Central/Navision and To-Increase /Columbus Food, you’ll see increased productivity, better communication within your company and better customer service, allowing you to focus on the excellence of your brand and your growth.

You’ll be able to work faster, get more orders out the door and achieve the growth and profitability that your food-making and distribution business is capable of. To-Increase/Nav Food: growing with you and your business.

You can learn more about how to move forward with Food Production and Distribution with Business Central/Nav or make better, fuller use of your existing Business Central system with Business Central support, training or enhancements by speaking with a Dynamics specialist on 1800 640 290, or by email to