Dynamics 365 Business Central and Continia

Finance Automation

The ERP solution specifically crafted with a focus on addressing the unique requirements of the food and beverage sector



Automated Payables document capture


Real-time overview of employee spending


Automate Sales document distribution


Purchasing agreements


Bank integration for automated reconciliation

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Continia Solutions

Document Capture

Document Capture in Dynamics 365 Business Central stands out as a robust tool, streamlining data entry processes with its intelligent OCR functionality, eradicating the need for laborious manual input. Document Capture sophisticated software not only amplifies efficiency but also diminishes errors by precisely recognising and placing text within the designated fields of your Business Central, thereby preserving valuable time. 

Expense Management

 The Expense Management automatically import credit card transactions with seamless integration, facilitating easy reconciliation. Expense Management ensures completeness by creating incomplete expense reports with reminders for missing receipts. Simplify mileage logging, calculate daily allowances for travel expenses, and streamline expense reporting for faster approvals and reimbursements, all while managing purchase contracts efficiently in one centralised platform.

Document Output

Continia’s document distribution software streamlines batch printing and sending, meeting diverse customer preferences and facilitating efficient e-invoicing. Manage digital documents uniformly, handle XML formats alongside PDFs, and simplify interactions by consolidating document types into comprehensive PDFs. Enhance communication with Output templates, saving time and ensuring professionalism while safeguarding electronic documents. 

Payment Management

Payment Management facilitates faster payments by communicating directly with your bank through Business Central, enabling secure file imports, payment exchanges, and status updates. The software utilises Statement Intelligence for automatic reconciliation of bank account statements, optimising match rates and allowing the creation of journal lines with reconciliation rules. It enhances payment security with a flexible approval workflow.