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The ERP solution specifically crafted with a focus on addressing the unique requirements of the food and beverage sector



Bakery and Pastry


Dairy Production


Meat Processing


Beverage Manufacturing


Seafood Processing


Frozen Food Production


Snack Food Crafting


Cereal and Grain Processing


Confectionery Production

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Solutions Overview

FoodSuite, a standardised solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. It caters to a range of needs within the sector, including meat and fish processing, baked goods, pasta products, specialty foods, confectionery, and beverages. The food industry, known for its diversity and complexity, involves a wide array of products and production processes impacting both major retail chains, manufacturers and small independent businesses. Effectively managing this variety while ensuring hygiene, safety, and traceability presents a complex challenge.

As a vertical solution, FoodSuite empowers businesses to navigate the daily challenges of the sector, facilitating quicker product development cycles, heightened market responsiveness, efficient logistics management, and advanced product traceability. The ultimate aim is to deliver safer products to the market.

In addition to its comprehensive coverage of the food and beverage industry’s production aspects, FoodSuite excels in addressing the various needs of management.

From overseeing rewards, incentives, and gifts to dynamically managing retail structures and implementing efficient promotion and pricing strategies, FoodSuite provides a robust platform. Its capabilities extend to workflow management, assortment optimisation, credit guarantee management, order processing efficiency, and document handling through EDI.

The solution also offers specialized modules for quality control, production advancements, agent portals, plant maintenance, and project control. Moreover, FoodSuite seamlessly integrates with logistics management, incorporating features such as weighing and labelling devices, route planning, and transport cost optimisation. This comprehensive approach extends to production, covering costing, article cost estimation, technical data sheet management, and batch production. The system’s emphasis on traceability and powerful management control tools enhances the overall efficiency and profitability of businesses within the food and beverage sector.

EOS FoodSuite Features

Dual Unit of Measure

Sales Commissions

Article Cost Calculation

Meat Cutting and Processing

Customised Items

Product Traceability

Production Cost Analysis

Flexible planning tool